About Us

Hi, I am Chris Berry. I grew up in the heart of an amazing mountain scene in Alaska. I have been painting since my early childhood days and continue to use different types of paint equipment till now, as a profession and passion. Part of my vast experience in painters comes from the experience I gained working for a community paintings since 2010. In the past few years, I have spent my spare time in car painting.

Machinery Surgeon came into existence following a discussion between me and my painting enthusiast friends. They wanted to know which paint sprayer was best at an affordable price. I realized there must be a lot of people trying to figure out what “the best paint sprayers, paints or accessories for them” is. I started this website to tap on my passion and vast experience in painting to offer practical tips, advice, and information to painters.

Content in this website ranges from ‘how to’ topics to all types of paint sprayers and paint accessories reviews. Also, there are blogs on my experiences in painting and car painting.

Whether you are a beginner in painting or want to paint something at home, you will find valuable information here. I aim to answer as many questions as there could possibly be in regards to painters.

You will learn about paint sprayers, air compressors, safety gear, different painting accessories, how to paint, painting in different conditions, different types of paints and various painting accessories. If you are looking to buy a new paint sprayer, this website will assist you through the various reviews on almost every type of paint sprayer.

I am open to publishing content from guest writers on mechanical related content. If you would like to share your experiences, ideas, and tips with the world, through this website contact me with your post or to pitch your idea.

Thank you for visiting this website. I hope you find great value in the content.