More About Chris Berry

Chris Berry has been a professional painter since he was 18 years old, but from the heart, he is a jack of all trades. He has been in business for more than 25 years and has been sharing tips for painters and DIYers for over a decade. Chris has also worked with several professional painting companies and also with various interior designers.

His passion for home improvement allowed him to dip into other DIY tasks and gain expertise. Now that he has accumulated years of experience and is nearing his retirement age, he decided to become a beacon for all those who want to learn about professional painting and DIY experience. With Chris’s tips and detailed guides, everyone can find the best equipment for painting and performing DIY tasks like a professional.

About Machinery Surgeon

After working with various magazines and professional blogs, Chris finally decided to start his own venture in 2019. He created Machinery Surgeon website to share his personal and professional experiences with passionate DIYers around the world and help them achieve perfection.

He claims that due to the wide variety of DIY and painting tools in the market, people often have difficulty finding the right tools for the job. Without the right tools, talent goes to waste and it demotivates people, even though the fault is not theirs.
So, Chris created this website to help these DIYers and painters find the best tools for the job. With the right tools and tips, even an amateur can perform like a professional.

At Machinery Surgeon, we share authoritative recommendations, independent buying guides, and detailed reviews of the latest tools and gear in the market. Chris have a team of professionals who test and review each tool individually before letting the readers know about them. We also share tips and tricks for beginners that can help them do DIY tasks just like professionals.

Our Aim

  • The primary aim of Machinery Surgeon is to help people find the best DIY and painting tools.
  • We are an independent website sharing unbiased reviews about the latest painting and DIY tools in the market.
  • We have a team of experts who purchase, test, and review each tool individually from the market.
  • We do not accept any paid products or free promotions.

Our goal is to remain independent and unbiased in all our reviews. We share detailed reviews from experts that cover every aspect of the product. We try to cover all the latest tools and gears in the market as soon as possible.

Besides buying guides and detailed reviews, we also aim to share the best how to and informational guides to help our readers learn the craft of painting and DIY. Our guides include tips, tricks, and secrets for beginners to help them learn everything they need to know about painting and DIY tasks.

With helpful advice and tips from Chris and his team, you will be able to perform DIY tasks like a professional.

Our website is reader-supported. So, we might earn a little affiliate commission from the products you purchase through our website. The commission will be from the seller. So, it won’t be a burden on your part.

We love feedback from our readers. Feel free to reach out to us at info (at) machinerysurgeon (dot) com anytime you want and we will get back to you as soon as possible with the best possible solution.