Acrylic Paint on Leather: How To Paint And Seal Leather

Undoubtedly, good leather will give a royal look. The market is full of leather products like leather bags, furniture, jackets, etc. Leather is a durable material that will stay in good shape for years and years but people sometimes get bored of the same look, don’t they?

As many people are into arts and crafts these days, their mind is always full of ideas that they use to change the look of their leather products. For customization, the most important thing is to use the right products. So if you are also confused about whether to use acrylic paints on leather or not then this article is for you.

Acrylic Paint on Leather: Can You Use It on Leather?

Acrylic Paint on Leather - How To Paint And Seal Leather

People usually hesitate while using acrylic paints on leather products. If you are also facing this right now then continue reading this article. After reading this guide you will be sure how to use acrylic paint on leather and what the necessary steps you should keep in mind while using acrylic paints on leather.

Using Acrylic Paint On Leather

Although experts suggest using specific leather paints to paint leather, are you thinking of using acrylic paints that you have in your home on leather? Well, you can do that too. Acrylic paints are the easiest to handle and also the color range is so vibrant and versatile that you will never get them with leather paints.

So if you love colors and want to add some to your dull ordinary-looking leather jacket or boots then you should give it a try with acrylic paints. Keep in mind to use only high-quality acrylic paints because they will not harm the quality of the leather and will last longer.

There is no restriction that you can not use ordinary ones so if you have those at home you can use them too. The only thing that will bother you while using ordinary acrylic paints is their thick consistency. Don’t worry you can manage that by simply watering them to make them a little thin so you feel no difficulty in applying them to leather.

How To Paint Leather With Acrylic Paint? – Step by Step Guide

Although acrylic paints are not specifically made to be used on leather surfaces, you can use them anyway if you like. You need to follow proper application techniques if you are using acrylic paints on leather.

Moreover, after painting leather with acrylic paints you should seal the paint so it does not come off from time to time. If you are interested in knowing how you can paint leather using acrylic paints and also how to seal acrylic paint on a leather surface then read ahead.

Preparatory Steps to Paint Leather with Acrylic Paint

Before you start to paint the leather with acrylic paints you need to prep the leather surface. This preparatory step is crucial because it will help the paint to stick to the leather firmly. You can use any cleaning spirits or isopropyl alcohol to get rid of grease and dirt present on the leather.

After cleaning, analyze the surface you are going to paint closely if it has some gloss and shines in it. The reason behind the shine can be leather oil or wax and this will not let the paint stick properly.

Here’s an easy solution to avoid this inconvenience, rub the leather surface with sandpaper gently. This will remove the glaze as well as ensure the paint’s longevity. You can even cover the surface with some primer so you get a smooth surface to paint on as well as it builds a stronger bond between leather and the paint.

Painting The Leather with Acrylic Paint

If you have decided what design you want on your leather then you can move on to painting it with your favorite colors. If you don’t want to paint some areas you can also cover them using masking tape so the results are just like what you want.

Before you start to paint your leather jacket or boots etc. make sure it is dry. Wait a few more minutes if it is still wet from the layer of primer that you applied to prepare the surface for the paint. Once dried you can take out brushes and start painting the design you want on it.

Always try to apply thin coats as thicker coats are more likely to crack which looks odd. Start with applying the first coat and if needed you can work on it with the second or third coat. Add some water to acrylic paints to make them thin because they naturally have thick consistency which is difficult to handle.

For a neat finish, you need to keep the paint coating uniform on the whole surface. Moreover, you need to keep your hand as stable as possible while painting the leather. Trust me if you use brushes according to your design the results will be more satisfactory and beautiful.

How To Seal Acrylic Paint On Leather?

Be patient after coloring your leather jacket or boots and give it time for drying. You must give it time to dry before you move on to the next step. After the paint is completely dried you should seal it with some paint sealer. The sealer will keep the paint intact and won’t let it crack or peel any time soon.

The acrylic paint sealer comes in two forms. It will either be in the form of a spray or a liquid, you can use any paint sealer that you have available in the market. The main purpose of using the paint sealer over acrylic paints is to maintain its quality for a longer period.

Most people skip this step or don’t pay much attention to it while using acrylic paints on leather. But to be honest you will regret not using a paint sealer after some time because acrylic paints can come off of the leather surface easily without a paint sealer.

How To Apply Paint Sealer On Acrylic-painted Leather

Always remember to apply paint sealer when the acrylic paints are completely dry. If you are using a spray paint sealer, you can simply spray it over the design; if it is a liquid paint sealer, you can dab it on the leather surface lightly.

The paint finishers help in sealing the paint to the leather surface and it will not come off while cleaning. This step is very simple but it may test your patience because you have to give at least 24 hours to your design for drying. You can check the complete look after 24 hours. Furthermore, you can use a waterproof spray over the design if you want to.

FAQs about Acrylic Leather Painting

Do you need to seal acrylic leather paint?

Yes, you should seal acrylic paint on leather if you want it to last long. Most people say you can skip this step if you have prep the leather before applying paint but using acrylic paint sealer will not harm you it will increase the acrylic paint stay on the leather.

How do you keep acrylic paint on leather?

You can use any ordinary acrylic paint or leather acrylic paint to paint on leather. Don’t rush things by applying thick coats of paint. Be patient and work by applying thin coats and build up if needed. You can end your acrylic painting on leather by spraying a paint sealer over the design.

Will acrylic paint crack leather?

The acrylic paint will only crack if you apply thick coats of the paint. This is why it is recommended to work with thin coats only. Thin coats look more real because they get soaked into the leather whereas thick coats will stay on the surface and are more prone to cracks.

Do you oil leather before painting?

You should always check the condition of the leather you are going to paint with acrylic paints. If it feels too dry you can apply leather oil to make it smooth. Keep in mind you can not instantly start painting the leather after applying the oil. Therefore, you should check the leather’s condition for at least a week before you paint it.

How long should leather paint dry before sealing?

Before you spray some paint sealer on the acrylic paint design on the leather you need to give it at least 24 hours. Waiting for this long is important so that the paint is completely dry and is ready for the last finishing steps.

Conclusion of Painting Leather with Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paints are the most common paints that anyone can use no matter if you are a professional artist or not. The suitability of acrylic paints makes it our best and top priority whenever we need to show our artistic side to the world. Follow these steps to use acrylic paints on leather:

  • Clean the leather: to prepare it for paint
  • Painting the leader: apply thin coats of acrylic paint on your desired design
  • Finishing: spray paint sealer to ensure the longevity of acrylic paints on the leather surface

Using acrylic paints on the leather surface is very simple but you have to be dedicated and patient because before you move on to the next step you need to give time to it for drying. I hope the content of our article helps you in painting a beautiful design on your leather products without any difficulty.

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