Can You Paint Brass? – Detailed Guide

If you want to transform the vintage look of your home’s interior to a retro-modern and warmer style, then you might want to get rid of the hardware around the house that is made up of brass. Most of the hardware, home decorating accessories, or furniture might not get along with the new look of the house.

You can not just simply change all of these things at once. Instead, you can save money by simply painting the material that you already have. This will help you give your house a makeover without spending a lot of money on getting new things.

Whether it is a brass knob, chandelier, candle holder, vase, lamp, chair, bed, frame, or any other home accessory that you have. You can paint any material that is made up of brass. Even though metal alloys don’t have many effective adhesion properties in terms of paints, there are some techniques and products that can help users in this regard.

In the hope of giving your brass belongings a new look, you can end up ruining them completely due to your lack of knowledge. Can you paint brass flawlessly? Here all that you need to know is how to paint brass. Scroll down.

Can You Paint Brass?

Can You Paint Brass?

Before you take out your old furniture and accessories and start to paint. First, you must know whether brass can be painted or not. The thing is that you can surely paint a brass object, but the finish and flawlessness are not guaranteed. Painting brass is as difficult as the other metal alloys.

You will struggle with getting a smooth finish and adherence with the paint if you have jumped into painting brass without getting know-how of the effective painting process. You will put the objects at risk as the end result might not be the one that you imagined.

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How To Paint Brass?

How To Paint Brass

Now you know that brass can be painted and can help you with giving your objects a complete makeover. The next thing is to know about the authentic method of painting on brass. I have been painting many metal objects over the years.

So, I know what things one should do and what one should not do, if one wants to get a perfect finish. You can’t just directly start painting on metals as they are smooth and will not be compatible with paints that can drip off them.

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Materials We Need To Paint Brass

  • Paint
  • Gloves
  • Mask
  • Degreaser
  • Primer
  • Sandpaper
  • Brush

Steps To Paint Brass

1. Cleaning

It is obvious that if you want to give your old brass chandelier a new look by painting it, then you need to clean it. Painting over a dirty brass material can change the overall look of the object by altering the color of the paint due to excessive dirt. You can use simple soapy water or rubbing alcohol on the object with the help of a cloth.

Make sure that there is no trace of dirt, oil, or build-up. Once you have cleaned the material, wait for the surface of the selected material to dry out completely.

2. Primer

Now you should buckle up as the actual process starts. You will have to gear yourself up with gloves and masks, reducing contact and exposure to chemicals while working with them. Take the primer out. Like spray paints, you should go for spray primers as it is a brushless procedure. The primers can hugely impact the finish as it provides a bridge between the paint and the brass object.

The paint will not come off dripping or fall off after drying. Take the primer in the spray bottle or with the help of the brush. Try to cover the whole material with it. If you miss a spot that area will get visible as the paint will not adhere to it. The primer not only plays a role in smoothness but also in adherence. Wait for the primer to dry, so you can paint efficiently on the brass material.

3. Sanding

Now that you have cleaned the thing that needs to be painted and applied primer on the material the next thing is sanding. You don’t have to sand the brass layer, instead, you have to sand the smooth layer of primer that is covering the material. As we know that metals can adhere to paint because of their smoothness, similarly the even and smooth layer of primer can also not make the paint stick to it.

It is the only way that the even, smooth, and clear primer will have some scratches. These scratches can help the user increase the resistance and allow more sticking. Pick a small piece of sandpaper and gently start scratching the layer of primer. Don’t be extra forceful as it will make things worse than better. You will more visibly see the scratches after you have painted over the same areas later.

4. Painting

The last step in painting brass is that you will have to get the color and type of paint that you need. You can get the furniture paint that comes in tin cans along with a brush, you can use enamel paints, oil-based paints, or acrylic paints. There will be no issue of adherence, smoothness, or flawlessness. If you’re using enamel paint, then you should know how long does enamel paint take to dry.

If you had cleaned the brass material properly and applied an even layer of primer, then you don’t have to worry. Want to know how to paint brass with acrylic and can you spray paint brass? Scroll down to find out.

  • Spray painting a brass material is really easy if the prior steps have been taken care of properly. You just have to remove the cap of the spray bottle, shake it, and press the nozzle. The paint that is inside the bottle will come out smoothly and you will have to gently move your hands from left to right to cover the whole object. Let it dry.
  • On the other hand, if you are using acrylic paints then you need to use a brush to make strokes on the object that you need to paint. Once the acrylic paint has dried you can apply the paint sealers to add a protective layer on the wear-off-prone paint layer.

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Can You Paint Over Brass Plated Metal?

Yes, you can paint over brass-plated metals. The outer layer is made up of brass. Whereas the inner layer is made up of metal. The outer layer is not tough enough to bear strokes or scratches. You can go through the same steps of cleaning, priming, and painting. You just have to make sure that you should be careful while sanding the brass-plated items as the layer can get affected really easily. Also read a detailed guide on using acrylic paint on metal.

FAQs about Painting Brass

How to paint brass drawer pulls?

If your drawer pulls are getting faded away and you are planning to paint them, then you are right. You just have to make the drawers pull clean and dry, then apply the primer, make sure that no area is left behind, sand the drawers for better adherence, and paint them. When the drawer pulls get dry, then you can attach them to the drawers, so that they can be used.

Can you paint brass door knobs?

Yes, the most creatively and widely used brass hardware are the door knobs. You can just take out one of the knobs, make it clean with the help of rubbing alcohol, let it dry, and apply the primer after it dries. Apply the paint which you have selected. Place the knob carefully at the side. When it has become dry, place it back into its prior place correctly.

Concluding Brass Painting Guide

Have you ever asked yourself if you can paint brass? This question might perplex people who are new to brass-based material. Even though the metal layer drips or slips when painted, you can still manage to get your object to look closer to having a professional finish.

You will need sandpaper, paint, and rubbing alcohol. Users can clean the object, apply primer, and sand, and then can paint it. The sanding and primer do add to the adherence capacity. Once the paint is dry, you can think of where to place the object.

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