How To Get Spray Paint Off Your Hands Or Skin? – Detailed Guide

Spray paints comes handy in a lot of DIY projects and they cover surfaces quicker than the regular paints. Moreover, they save you from the mess that could potentially ruin your mood. But they can be horrendous if not handled properly. If you are working your way up with spray paints without wearing gloves then you are likely to get your hands covered up with it. At times like these you need to take immediate action to get yourself out of such unpleasing situation.

Once you are done with your work and find your hands adorning the spray paint, then you must have to find a way to remove it in order to avoid any irritations. Luckily, the internet is filled with plenty of articles on how to remove spray paints from your skin.

How To Get Spray Paint Off Your Hands Or Skin – Getting Started

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In this article, we will be briefing about some of the important facts about the subject and some quick and easy methods on how to tackle such situations. So without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Effective Ways to Remove Spray Paint Off your Hands or Skin

Well we all are familiar with the different kinds of spray paints and their respective purposes. If we have exposure to the spray paints then we should also have some knowledge about the removal of spray paints from our skin. Following are some of the effective and instant ways through which you get yourself out such ordeal.

Effective ways to remove spray paints off your hand
Infographic: Effective ways to remove spray paints off your hands

1. By Using Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is known to be effective in removing the spray paints off your hands without much trouble. Here’s how you can remove spray paints by using rubbing alcohol:

  1. Grab a cotton ball and wet the ball with generous amount of alcohol keeping in mind not to apply too much on it.
  2. Now start applying the wet cotton ball on the affected area with a firm hand so that the paint will easily come off. Throw the cotton ball away once it gets covered with the paint and get another one and repeat the same method as mentioned to get visible results.
  3. Don’t forget to wash your hands with a soap to get rid of the smells and any chemicals left on your skin.

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2. By Using Coffee

Who would have thought that some left over coffee grounds could actually be useful! Well they are, so don’t throw them away as you will be needing them to remove the spray paint off your skin. You must be wondering how? Well scroll down to get full info about it.

  1. Get the coffee grounds we were earlier talking about and also a dish soap. Yes! The two work wonders in removing the spray paints off your hands.
  2. Once you have both the ingredients, mix them together while adding even quantities of both the ingredients. This will result in a thick mixture.
  3. Apply a generous amount of mixture on your paint ridden skin and start rubbing it with the pore of your fingers. After sometime you will notice that the spray paint is no longer on your skin. Then you can wash your hands to get rid of the remnants of the mixture. You may also want to know how long does it take for spray paint to dry.

3. By Using Nail Paint Remover

Now this can be surprising to some people that the acetone/nail paint remover comes handy in removing spray paints that’s stuck on your skin. Here’s how you can remove spray paint off your skin:

  1. First grab a cotton ball and the acetone, then dip the cotton ball in the acetone. Make sure not to put too much on the cotton ball as huge amount of acetone on the skin can cause irritation.
  2. Then start rubbing the affected area with the wet cotton ball. Once you see the cotton ball changing its color, dispose it off and use a fresh one and repeat the same method till you get a clear skin.
  3. Lastly, wash your hands thoroughly to avoid any irritations.

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4. By Using Coconut or Vegetable Oil

Are you afraid of using any chemicals to get the spray paint off your skin? If yes? Then this remedy is for you as you will only be needing coconut or vegetable oil to get your work done.

  1. Get any of the oils of your choice and pour it in a bowl for easy access. Also grab some paper towels or cotton balls for later use.
  2. Then dip the cotton ball or paper towel in the oil and start applying it on your paint ridden hand. Make sure to apply it with a firm hand this will fasten up the process. Replace your cotton ball with a new one once you see it changing its color. Then simply repeat the process till you are done.
  3. Wash your hands when you are finished removing the spray paints off your hands.

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5. By Using Petroleum Jelly

We all have petroleum jelly easy available at our homes and if not you can go to a nearest store to get one. Petroleum jelly is an easy and much effective way to remove the spray paints off your skin. Just follow the steps mentioned below to get instant result.

  1. Get a petroleum jelly jar and scoop out a blob of petroleum jelly with the help of your index finger. Then using a spatula spread the jelly over the spray paint and let it sit there for a while.
  2. Once the petroleum jelly sets on your skin, then start rubbing the area using a spare toothbrush. Keep on doing this till you can notice the paint coming off your skin.
  3. Lastly, when you are done use a paper towel to remove the excess petroleum jelly left on your hand.

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Summing Up Guide To Spray Paint Removal from Your Hands or Skin

Spray paints are easy to use and handle but if you are using spray paints then you must be wearing gloves when you do so. And somehow if you forget then spray paints can taint your hands. Which is absolutely fine if you know how to tackle such situation.

This article teaches you about everything you need to know when you find yourself with the spray paints stuck on your skin. The remedies mentioned here are effective and will save you from the worry of having to remove spray paints off your skin. 

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