How To Remove Spray Paint Off Cement or Concrete? – Detailed Guide

Getting spray paint on your concrete wall or cement is surely unfortunate and undesirable. But what is more annoying is not knowing how to get that paint off the cement.

However, if you are aware about do’s and don’ts of the subject then accomplishing this task might not be challenging. Also, you can get yourself educated about this matter by searching it up on internet.

How To Remove Spray Paint Off Cement – Getting Started

How To Remove Spray Paint Off Cement
Featured Image: How To Remove Spray Paint Off Cement

The internet will offer many articles on how to remove spray paint from cement. But knowing is one thing and applying your knowledge is another. For this specific task you will have to get even minor details about it so as not to lend yourself in trouble. You will find the most productive ways to tackle this problem in this article and hopefully by the end, you will have all the answers to your queries.

Is Removing The Spray Paint From Cement A Tough Job?

First we need to know the chemical nature of cement to answer this question. Cement by nature is a porous material which can easily absorb liquids to a greater extent.

Since spray paints are usually thinner in comparison with other paints, the concrete absorbs it faster than the liquids with thicker consistency. This task is indeed demanding but with the right methods applied you can accomplish fair results. Let’s have a deeper look at the ways to tackle this issue.

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Effective Ways To Remove Spray Paint From Cement

Removing spray paint from cement or concrete surface can be done by using several methods. For this, you will have to follow all the instructions in order to see visible results.

Given below are some of the essential and operative ways through which you can complete this task.

Infographic: Effective Ways To Remove Spray Paint From Cement

1. Power washer

This method is a great way to scrape off the spray paint from cement or concrete without having to worry about the surface getting damage. This step requires the right amount of pressure that will assist in getting the spray paint off concrete.

I would recommend you to use a power washer with a PSI ranging from 2000 to 3000. This is the most accurate pressure required to remove graffiti from concrete. Finding a perfect nozzle is also a crucial part of this method. You should go for a nozzle of 15-degree or 25- degree to avoid damaging the concrete.

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2. Floor grinder

If you are finding the first method ineffective then floor grinder can be a good option for you. This technique can be carried out in two different ways:

The first one is dry grinding and the second is wet grinding. No matter which one of these you opt for you will get your concrete surface new as before. However, performing this action requires extra care because a little slip of hand might just damage the concrete. Slip of hand can also lead to paint on your skin so make sure to remove spray from skin using the right method.

3. Soda blasting

Soda blasting is a quick and easy method to remove spray paint from the concrete. This method involves a gun air compressor and a canister. The sodium bicarbonate shoots out of the canister and struck the concrete surface with a high pressure.

Make sure you are pointing it on the target and be careful while handling it. Thoroughly wash the cement concrete surface with warm water when the spray paint comes off.

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4. Soap and water

This method might not be able to completely remove a large patch of spray paint. But it will surely make the spray paint invisible covering a small area. Make sure to clean the surface before continuing with your work.

Take a bowl and add a generous amount of dish soap in it and add lukewarm water then mix it till you see the bubbles start forming. Take a spare brush dip it in the solution ad start scrubbing your paint-ridden cement. Use a paper towel to dab the surface at intervals. Wash the surface with clean water when you are done.

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Summing Up Spray Paint Removal from Cement

It is very upsetting to see our surfaces getting ruined by the spray paint marks. Getting spray paint on cement and concrete surface and then taking it off is surely not an easy job but it’s not impossible either.

If you want a successful outcome then following the right method is mandatory. The tips and tricks mentioned in this article will assist you in removing the spray paint from concrete. Your efforts will not go in vain if you have used the right approach to tackle such situation.

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