Satin vs Flat Paint: What Is The Difference

Are you unable to choose between satin and flat paint? Satin and flat both of these paints provide different results and are made for various purposes. When it comes to painting a house people are often confused about selecting one of them. The selection is not as tough as you think because both of these paints are entirely dissimilar and used for matte or shining results.

The flat paint provides an extraordinary matte finish and is used for outdoor painting. On the other hand, the satin paint normally makes your painted object more bright and provides it with soft skin. There are durability, painting results, and also cost differences. Anyhow, I have collected all the information regarding satin vs flat paint and here I will guide you on which paint is useful for you, so stay connected.

Satin vs Flat Paint – Differences Explained

Satin vs Flat Paint

The major difference between satin and flat paint is the look and service life of the paints. Satin paint is used for a strong bright finish but flat paint provides no sheen. As well, the flat paint provides excellent coverage as compared to the satin paint. Before we dig into details let’s discover facts about the satin and flat paint separately.

Satin Paint

Satin paint provides an aggressive glossy look. It is highly durable and creates easy-to-clean skin, all you need is to clean walls and other painted objects with a piece of clean cloth. The satin paint provides a soft luster skin of the paint, you can apply multiple layers for longer service life. The paint can provide 10 to 15 years of service life. The paint does not require maintenance regularly but is expensive as compared to other paints.

Satin Paint

When and Why to Use Satin Paint?

Satin paint is only used for interior designs. As well as the homeowner must keep in mind that satin paint does not shine in low light reflection so use the satin paint in a bright area. This paint can be used for low surfaces such as windows, doors, or window trims.

If you want to make your kitchen shiny, attractive, and fabulous then use satin paint. Yes, it can resist heat and there is no chance of paint cracking or wrinkling. For attracting clients and impressing them, use satin paint in the interior of the office. Your clients may also ask you about the difference between Kilz vs Zinsser Primer.

Benefits of Using Satin Paint

  1. The paint is used for multi purposes, you can paint the walls of the house, make your office shiny, and paint the doors of the kitchen. As well as, it can make your kitchen and bedroom more than awesome.
  2. People often complain that the maintenance of paint is easy but the application is tough. Anyhow, this paint is easy to clean, you can apply chemicals for the best results but it will provide you with an excellent appearance if you clean it with just a piece of cloth.
  3. Unlike other paints, satin paint does not take more time and dries within minutes. The major reason most experts recommend satin paint is that applying satin paint does not require special skills.

Flat Paint

Mostly flat paint is the first choice of professional house painters. Basically, flat paint possesses more pigments than any other paint, that’s why it is called concealer paint. Flat paint provides a matte finish that is not as shining as satin paint but this paint is used outdoors. But cleaning a flat paint surface can become a problem for you.

Flat Paint

When And Why To Use Flat Paint

The flat paint is ideal for the outside and walls with holes, bumps, or scratches. This paint possesses a rich quantity of pigments and is able to fill all the holes and bumps in the wall. You should use flat paint in the low-traffic rooms such as the dining and formal rooms.

Plus, you can use flat paint in the office because it will provide the room with a formal look. The matte skin finish provides a soothing experience when you touch the upper surface of the paint.

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Benefits Of Using Flat Paint

  1. The first reason I like flat paint is that it is budget-friendly. It costs you half as compared to satin paint. Here a question arises that low price leads to inefficient quality of the product. But it provides you with a service life of 7 to 10 years minimum.
  2. If your house walls are full of holes and scratches you can fill all of them with flat paint. High quantities of pigments not only fill the bumps on the wall but also remove each mark of the tapes and nails.
  3. Another reason why professionals offer flat paint is that it provides a pleasing, pretty, and splendid look. Matte skin not only seeks extra attention but also impresses visitors.

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Differences Between Satin And Flat Paint

Both of these paints provide the same job but there are many major and minor dissimilarities between satin and flat paint. Satin paint has features like a shiny look or easy application and flat paint provides formal finishing or hides imperfections. But it does not mean one is superior to the other because these paints are made for different purposes.

Let’s explore some major differences between flat and satin paint.

Difference Between Satin And Flat Paint

1. Appearance

The appearance of the dried paint is the major difference between flat and satin finishing. Satin paint provides a shiny look and a little amount of light can brighten your room. People often underestimate the importance of paint but paint is the real face of a room.

Satin paint makes your room more aggressive and lights up all the corners of your house. The satin paint light reflecting quality will provide more visual depth and make your smaller rooms look larger such as the kitchen or bedroom.

On the other hand, flat paint gives a matte skin on the wall. The flat paint is not as glossy as satin paint but it provides a formal look. Most office owners prefer flat paint because of the normal color shine and high pigment quantity helps to cover the bumps on walls. You can make your grotesque wall look more attractive by having a flat paint finish.

Before you choose one of them, keep in mind that glossy colors are not good because paint reflects more light and makes all the imperfections noticeable. If your wall is full of holes, scratches, and bumps then fill it before using satin paint or use a flat paint finishing because it will hide all the imperfections.

2. Durability

Then comes the difference in service life duration between flat and satin paint. As a matter of fact, flat paint skin absorbs more dirt particles and debris. In simple words, you will need to repaint flat paint after a particular duration. Most of the experts recommend that flat paint users should apply a new layer of paint every 6 to 8 months maximum.

On the other side, satin paint is more durable and does not require a repaint. The paint does not absorb dust particles so there is no chance of cleaning or repainting. Flat paint has less service life as compared to satin paint. The first one lasts 7 to 10 years depending on the quality but the satin paint has 15 years of service life.

3. Cost

People often prefer inexpensive quality paints with moderate service life. If you are on a tight budget and searching for such paint then you must choose flat paint. Flat paint is inexpensive compared to satin paint. Remember the rule that cheaper paints provide excellent results. It is true that flat paint does not look as shiny as satin paint but it will hide all the holes in the wall and cost you fewer bucks.

The satin paint is not less than any other paint but the price discourages its users. The satin paint will cost you about 300 dollars to 600 excluding labor. If you are efficient enough to paint your house then you can save money a little. On the other hand, flat paint will cost you approximately 200 to 400 bucks.

Without using premier, the paint will start cracking and fading. Satin paint premier charges $40 to $70. It is cheap but flat paint premier is more affordable than it. The flat paint premier will cost you about 10 to 30 bucks. Now you can decide which paint suits you according to your budget. Experts often recommend flat paints for bigger rooms and places because first, it will cost you less, and second, it will make your room look formal.

4. Maintenance

Satin paint is more durable and does not require reapplication. You can clean the upper layer with a piece of cloth or use different detergents. There is no need to apply chemicals for shining on the satin paint because the natural sheen is eternal. Basically, satin paint stays longer on the wall and you cannot remove layers by scrubbing.

But when it comes to cleaning flat paint, most people face problems. The flat is not as simple to clean as satin paint because the paint is not strongly adhered to the object. Scrubbing the upper layer politely will remove the paint. Experts offer that repainting after a particular duration enhances the beauty of the paint.

5. Application Process

Whether you use flat paint or apply layers of satin paint, your walls need to be prepared before painting. You prepare the wall or painting object with simple steps. The application process is almost the same but there is a slight difference. Anyhow, you can paint a wall normally within 30 minutes depending on your speed.

The first task you are required to perform is cleaning the surface. Dust and debris particles never allow your paint to look heart-touching. After cleaning the wall remove stickers or tapes if present on the target surface. Then fill all the holes with cement or any other material. Keep in mind that shiny paint will make all the marks and scratches prominent.

Satin paint is not easy to apply because it requires leading wet edges. The easiest way to cover an object with satin paint is to use a roller in a zig-zag manner. In this way, you will fill all the dots and scratches on the wall. Plus, you can leave marks if you apply wet satin paint on a dry surface.

Anyhow, after cleaning the surface of the wall apply multiple thin layers of the premier. It is a chemical used for better adhesion of paint. Make sure the premier has dried properly and then start painting. You can use a brush or roller, for the best results apply multiple coatings.

As well, keep in mind that if you apply a second coating on the previous wet paint layer it will start crackling. Wait for 30 to 50 minutes for the second coating and check before you apply another coat.

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FAQs about Satin and Flat Paint

Is satin or flat paint better?

Satin paint is for smooth, plain, and neat finishing but if your house walls are full of bumps and holes then use flat paint.

Does flat paint look lighter than satin?

Flat paints provide the best job when you want to remove marks and fill holes in the wall.

Does flat paint scratch easily?

Fundamentally, all the paints get scratches and imperfections with the passage of time. Flat paint is also one of them but a problem comes when you try to remove scratches from the wall.

Is satin paint water resistant?

Yes, satin paint has more sheen value meaning it provides a strong finish that can resist water. Satin paint is more water resistant than flat or semi-gloss paints.

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Conclusion of Satin vs Flat Paint Comparison

Flat paint is a great option if you’re searching for inexpensive paint that can cover all the clumsy areas on the wall. It not only removes all the scratches from the wall but is also simple to apply.

On the other hand, satin paint provides a glossy look and is easy to clean. This paint is mostly used for house interiors. Anyhow, both satin and flat paint have their pros and cons but now you can choose one of them according to your budget and needs.

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