Valspar vs Behr Paint: Which One Is Better?

Finding the right kind of paint is one of the major concerns of homeowners when it comes to renovating or changing the interior or exterior of their house. You can either get your hands on Behr paints or Valspar paints depending on your needs and goals.

The identification and declaration of the best one amongst these two is a never-ending debate. I have written an article with all the pros and cons of using these paints. Go through the details carefully so you can come to a conclusion and pick the best one for your painting project.

Valspar vs Behr Paint – Detailed Comparison

Valspar vs Behr Paint comparison

Valspar Paint

Valspar Paint Company is working in the industry and has a good reputation. These paints have been around for decades because of their longevity. Although you can purchase them at Lowes, the ingredients used in the manufacturing make them worth trying.

The Valspar paints can be easily maintained and cleaned once they get dried. You can even use them to paint your surroundings with the help of a roller. As they come with a primer, the texture is thin and runny.

Valspar Paint

You will have to paint several coats to get the desired finish. Layering the paint to cover the walls or hide the dark color underneath will add up to the cost of the paint.

As it has a thin consistency, it will dry quickly which can be great if you are in a hurry but can turn into a disadvantage as the strokes might be visible after drying up. Hence, the application process is very easy but availability can be a major issue if you do not have a Lowes store near your house.

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Behr Paint

Behr is a commonly available paint that has a wide range. Like the Valspar paint, these are thin in consistency but cover the entire surface in a single coat only.

Although it can be found at every Home Depot store near you, the quality is good. This is one of the biggest advantages because you can run out of paint anytime when working on a project. Sometimes the heavyweight paint gallon spill and you might have to rush to get another one.

Behr Paint

Behr paints have quick-drying properties but leave no strokes behind. They are commonly used by all DIY enthusiasts and painters because they can be used with a spray gun as well. This will give a smooth finish and also saves you from the hassle. If you’re a DIY enthusiast, read my article about best airless paint sprayer for DIY.

As the consistency of these paints is not very thick, you can expect them to dry at a quicker rate. These are convenient to use with a sprayer but can mess up when using a brush or a roller.

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Valspar vs Behr Paint: Which One Is Better?

You will get to know some differences when comparing Valspar paints with Behr paints. Both of these are widely used but you cannot decide which one of them is a good option for you.

Read the comparison below so you can make a decision to get started with work.

Valspar vs Behr Paint

1. Consistency

As mentioned above, Valspar paints have a thin consistency and light coverage so you have to layer the paint up unless you get the desired finish or color. You will end up using more paint which will add up to the cost.

Whereas, Behr paints also have thin consistency but the coverage is high. A single or double coat will be enough to cover the entire surface. Both of these dry quickly but you can expect to notice some strokes in the case of the Valspar paints.

2. Resistance

When compared with each other, I got to know that both of these paints are not dirt resistant. You will observe dust and dirt right after the application. Although you can clean it up, nobody likes cleaning walls every now and then.

The Valspar paints are resistant to molds and fungus but the Behr paints are not. You can get some options in Behr paints that are made for Exterior use but not every paint gallon you purchase will be resistant to mildew.

3. Application

Your life may get easier because the Behr paints can be used with the help of a sprayer but the case is the opposite when it comes to brushing application. You will end up creating a huge mess for yourself as the consistency is thin but the coverage is high.

On the other hand, Valspar paints can easily be applied with a brush or a paint roller. Even though it might consume more time and effort, the application is smooth, effortless, and neat.

4. Price and Color

When comparing, both of these paints have a huge range of colors. You can search for any color in Behr paints and look for an alternative in Valspar paint. When it comes to the price, Behr paints are a little more expensive because they are widely used, have different finishes, and are high quality.

The paints manufactured by Behr for exterior use have some very good ingredients that make them weather resistant. This adds to the prices as the paint does not fade away and retains the original color for years.

If you are a beginner painter, chances are that paint drips onto your hand while painting. In such situation, make sure to remove spray paint from hands properly.

FAQs about Behr and Valspar paint

What’s a better paint, Behr or Valspar?

I will prefer Behr over Valspar paints because they have different finishes and a wide color range. Although both of these are good options, Valspar is not easily available.

Does Valspar have good paint?

Yes, all the paints made by Valspar have high-quality ingredients that can resist fungus or mold. These are thin in consistency and need multiple layers.

Does Valspar paint crack?

All the paints including Valspar crack after a certain time period. You have to purchase one that is weather and mildew-resistant.

Concluding Comparison of Behr and Valspar Paint

A brief article on Valspar vs Behr paints is written so you can know which one is the better option for using in your home. Based on my experience and research, Behr paints are better because they are widely available, and have a great color range and finish. You can find them anywhere and spray them with a sprayer. Although the price is on the higher side, paints are not changed frequently and are worth your money.

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